Martini Music Recordings
C89 Drive @5 Mix 10 C89 Drive @5 Mix 11
C89 Drive @5 Mix 12 C89 Drive @5 Mix 13
Deez Funky Nutz - Deez Funky Nuts EP C89.5 Drive@5 #1
C 89.5 Rob Martini House Mix 6.22.18 #5 C 89.5 Rob Martini House Mix 6.22.18 #4
C 89.5 Rob Martini House Mix 6.22.18 #3 C 89.5 Rob Martini House Mix 6.22.18 #2
C 89.5 Rob Martini House Mix 6.22.18 #1 Dj Martini 2015 Mashupmix
Dj Martini's 2014 Funky House Mix LIVE SET Dj Martini 2014 Trapmix
Dj Martini's 2013 Mashupmix Dj Martini's 2012 World Pop Mix
Dj Martini's 2011 Mashupmix Dj Martini's Classic HipHop Mix Vol 2
Dj Martini's Classic HipHop Mix Vol 1 1 Coolin Out - Fast Nasties (Martini and Martin Remix) 123 BPM
2 Uber High - Wax Martini 123 BPM 3 Space Holiday - Futurewife (Wax Martini Remix) 122 BPM
4 It's the Strobelight - WaxMartini 123 BPM 5 Partyn' & Drinkn' - Wax Martini 120 BPM
6 Uptown Mystic - Wax Martini 123 BPM 7 Hummingbird Eyes - Rob Martini 122 BPM
8 Jazz Cigarettes - Wax Martini 123 BPM 9 I Want Her - Wax Martini 123 BPM
10 Special Night - Wax Martini 120 BPM 11 Wait Till Tonight - Wax Martini 124 BPM
12 Pop Them Thangs - Tini Digs (Rob Martini & Dot Diggler) 125 BPM 1 I.Am.Def. (Dj Martini feat. Billy tha Fridge and Phil Pilon)
Hypnotized (Levels of Movement) Party! (Levels of Movement)
Object of my Desire (Levels of Movement) Gambling Man (Levels of Movement)
Gambling Man (Levels of Movement) Seattle Love Story (Dj Martini feat. Billy The Fridge and Haleh)
Ain't Nuthn Like Hip-Hop Nasty Mind - Meltonwax (Dj Martini Remix)
Dj Martini's Deep House Mix 2010 Mashupmix
2011 Top 40 Mix Vol 2 2011 Housemix Bringn It Back 2 Tha Classix
2010 Top 40 Megamix Booty Doo (Martini & Martin) Martini's House
Keep Doin What You Doin (Martini & Martin) Martini's House Give It to Me Right Now (Dj Martini) Martini's House
You Know You Got It (feat Danelle Hayes) Martini's House Stand Up (Dj Martini Rework vs Love Tribe) Martini's House
Im Comn' (Dj Martini feat. Danelle Hayes) Homies Better Find Out (Dj Martini) Martini's House
Do What You Wanna Do (Dj Martini vs T. Connection) Martini's House Bubble Butt (Dj Martini Rework) Martini's House
Taking It Back (Dj Martini Rework) Martini's House Thug Livin (Dj Martini) Martini's House
Deeply In Love (Dj Martini vs Janet Jackson) Martini's House Shake Your Groove Thang (Dj Martini Rework) Martini's House
Bounce To This (j Martini vs Kelis) Martini's House Get Up (Dj Martini) Martini's House
You Know You Got It Dj Martini feat Danelle Hayes) 2011 Top 40 Mix Vol 1
2Night In Miami BEP vs LMFAO Krazy Dance Floor Pitbull vs Good Charlotte
Whoop Theres The Only Girl w??? Tag Team vs Rihanna Clubs Cant Stop Cali Gurls David Guetta vs Katy Perry
Dirty Holly Weezer vs BEP Only Girls with Dynomite Taio Cruz vs Rihanna
Baby Go Break My Heart Taio Cruz vs Mike Posner Hip Hop Changes Nas vs 2pac
Remember My Head MJ vs Jason Derulo Make her Say WAIT Nu Shooz vs Kid Kudi
Bringn Sexy Tik Back Martini Mashup Say It Keisha Martini Mashups
2Night In Miami Martini Mashups Bom Pow I Rick James Bitch Martini Mashups
Head Shots Martini Mashups Whoomp Theres a Wild Thing Martini Mashup
Get Down w Ur Lil Kim Martini Mashup Sada vs Warren G Martini Mashup
A Day 2 Fly Glamorously Martini Mashup Cant get over Me Martini Mashup
Simons ADIDAS Martini Mashup I.inB.andP.theP. Cocept Comedy Rap Album
2009 Megamashupmix 2008 Hyphy Megamix
94 Dangerous MC Style Billy's a Rebel with Rythyme
Watch Your $$$ - Martini Vs. The East Coast 2008 Megamashupmix
Martini vs Daft Punk n George Clinton Martini vs. The Bay
Brett Favre feat. Dj Martini Cursed Keys feat. Dj Martini
Live It Up - Dub B. feat. Martini Crowd Surf (Rockstar) - Dough and Mr. Fab feat. Dj Martini
2007 Megamix X104.5 Mix Week 1
Riots Everywhere w/ Bdon feat. Martini NT Land
Club Laggoon Preview (Trailer) Lost Carriage
Dj Martini/Yamio 263 - What Is It? Re-Wire Dj Martini feat. Izreal
Real Talk feat DJ Martini 2006 Hip Hop Megamix
Rock Da Party Instrumental Philosohy G Instrumental
New Naw Instrumental Rising G Instrumental
Lurky Instrumental Creapy Instrumental
2001 Club Classix (House Megamix) 2002 Funky Disco House Megamix
Stones Throw Away (Seeking Kanann feat. Dj Martini) Sample The Best Instrumental
Forgotten Instrumental 2003 Hip Hop Megamix
2004 Hip Hop Megamix 2005 Hip Hop Megamix
Electro Solitude Instrumental