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I.inB.andP.theP. Cocept Comedy Rap Album
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Comedian Eddy Z aka Little Dwayne Concept Comedy Rap Album
Long Song Description:
Eddy Z is a popular seattle comedain who alwasy performs a skit called Titties On The Glass.. Its an accapella of him rapping. So, long story short we made a beat for the song and the song turned into a whole consept album... His sudo rapper name is Little Dwayne. We cover a variety of styles of music and we are pretty much making fun of the industry while having fun with it at the same time.. ENJOY
Lyric Credits: Eddy Z n BriCurious
Music Credits: Bri Curious N Dj Martini
Producer Credits: Dj Martini
Song Length: 40:00
Primary Genre: Rap-General
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Multiple Tempos